Chemistry of Cooking and Cleaning by Ellen Richards (1882)

white lineFrom the Preface:

“In this age of applied science, every opportunity of benefiting the household should be seized upon…At the present time, when the electric light and the gas stove are familiar topics, there is, after all, no branch of science which might be of more benefit to the community, if it were properly understood, than Chemistry — the Chemistry of Common Life….

The public are the more ready for the application of this knowledge since Chemistry is taught in nearly all High Schools, and every child has a dim idea of what some part of it means. To gather up into a definite and practical form these indistinct notions is the aim of this little book….

No attempt is here made to cover the whole ground of chemical science, but only to explain such of its principles as are involved in the raising of bread, and in a few other common processes.”

The Chemistry of Cooking and Cleaning.  A Manual for Housekeepers.
Ellen H. Richards
Instructor in Chemistry, Woman’s Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston
Boston: Estes & Lauriat
Copyright, 1881.


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