Scurvy: Past and Present by Alfred F. Hess (1920)

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For the past seven years I have been engaged in an investigation of scurvy both in the laboratory and in the clinic, and have treated various aspects of the subject in a large number of articles published in various medical journals.

In the course of these studies there has been ample opportunity for a comprehensive review of the widely-scattered literature. No treatise on scurvy has been published in English since the classical work of Lind in 1772.

The time, therefore, seemed opportune to gather into one volume the recent advances in this field and to offer to the clinician, to the hygienist, and to the biological chemist a presentation of the existing status of this important nutritional disease.

Alfred F. Hess.
New York, August, 1920.

full text of  “Scurvy: Past and Present” by Alfred F. Hess (1920)


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