Arthur Peyton Bryant, a graduate student on a USDA fellowship at the Connecticut Agricultural Station, compiled with Wilbur O. Atwater in 1896 The Chemical Composition of American Food Materials, known as Bulletin No. 28, which was the standard reference for food composition until the 1940s.

Bryant had been laid off from his job teaching chemistry at Swarthmore during the Great Depression of 1894 and returned to school at his alma mater, Connecticut Wesleyan in Middletown. There he worked as the “Expert Chemical Tabulator” at the Agricultural Station and co-authored with Atwater a series of USDA publications on diet.

In 1902, Bryant left to become chief chemist for the new Corn Products Company in Chicago. Shortly after that, he moved to Clinton, Iowa, where became chief chemist at the Clinton Corn Sugar Refining Company and remained there until his death in 1935. Bryant also served several decades as a consulting chemist to candy trade associations.

References: Ind. Eng. Chem. 25: 1178, 1933


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